Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Take Advantage of Nomination Facilities

Registering a nomination facilitates easy transfer of funds to the nominee on the demise of the investor.
What is a Nomination?
An investor can nominate a person(s) called nominee(s) to whom his/her Mutual Fund Units will be transferred on his / her demise.
Mutual Fund units get transferred to the nominee registered in the folio on the demise of the Investor.
What are the benefits of registering a nomination?
Registering a nomination facilitates easy transfer of funds to the nominee(s) on the demise of the investor. In the absence of the nominee, a claimant would have to produce a host of documents like a Will, Legal Heir-ship Certificate, No-objection Certificate from other legal heirs etc. to get the units transferred. The process is simple if a nominee is registered in the folio.

How can an investor make a nomination?
Nomination can be registered at the time of purchasing the units. While filling in the application form, there is a provision to fill in the nomination details.
Alternatively, an investor may register a nomination later through a form which may be submitted with relevant particulars of the nominee.
The forms are available on the mutual fund websites.
Investors may also request the registrar and transfer agent to send a form.

Can an investor make multiple nominations?
Yes! An investor may make up to three nominations and even specify the percentage of the amounts that will go to each nominee.
If the percentage is not specified, equal shares will go to the nominees.

Can a minor be a nominee?
Yes! A minor can be a nominee. However the guardian will have to be specified in the nomination form.

Can a nomination be changed?
A nomination can be changed and even cancelled. The relevant form should be filled and submitted to the Registrar or Mutual Fund Office.

If an investor has different schemes in a folio, will all units of all schemes be transferred to the nominee?
A nomination is at folio level and all units in the folio will be transferred to the nominee(s).
If an investor makes a further investment in the same folio, the nomination is applicable to the new units also.

Who can nominate and who is eligible to be a nominee?
Nominations can be made only by individuals applying for / holding units on their own behalf, singly or jointly.

Non-individuals, including societies, trusts, body corporates, partnership firms, the karta of an HUF, and the holder of a power of attorney (POA) cannot nominate.
Nomination can be in favour of individuals, including minors, the Central Government, State Government, a local authority, any person designated by virtue of his office or a religious or charitable trust.

A non-resident Indian can be a nominee, subject to the exchange control regulations in force from time to time.
Source:- The Hindu

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